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Want to remove your tattoo altogether? Pensacola Laser Tattoo Removal can completely remove all ink colors - even stubborn blue and green pigments.

Selective Tattoo Removal

Want to remove only a part of your tattoo? Our advanced laser can selectively remove unwanted ink while leaving the rest of your tattoo unharmed.

Fading for Cover-Ups

Laser tattoo removal is the best solution for fading an unwanted tattoo to make room for new desired artwork. Ask about fading for cover-up tattoos today!

Unparalleled Results

View our gallery of full-spectrum tattoo removal results.

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Pensacola Laser Tattoo Removal delivers complete removal, selective tattoo removal, and fading for cover-up tattoos. Schedule a no-obligation complimentary consultation today! Call (850) 433-9391 - or use the contact form.

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