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About Us

Learn more about Dr. Louis Fowler and his friendly, knowledgeable staff.

About Dr. Louis Fowler

Dr. Louis Fowler, Pensacola Laser Tattoo RemovalI am a family practice doctor and served in the NAVY as a flight surgeon (USS AMERICA). Being in practice for over 30 years, my skills are honed to a sharp diagnostic edge. Figuring out medical problems, especially those that have vexed others is my forte! I have been involved in using lasers in my practice for decades and am excited to offer laser tattoo modification and removal with state-of-the-art Astanza laser equipment!

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About Pensacola Laser Tattoo Removal

Pensacola Laser Tattoo Removal is the laser tattoo removal division of Dr. Louis Fowler’s family practice clinic. Dedicated to delivering the best tattoo removal results throughout Pensacola and neighboring cities, Dr. Fowler has invested in the industry-leading Astanza Trinity laser. This triple-wavelength laser performs full-spectrum removal on all tattoo colors and skin types.

Dr. Fowler and his knowledgeable staff received training from New Look Laser College, the world’s leading laser tattoo removal training course. They earned the designations of Certified Laser Specialist (CLS) and Laser Safety Officer (LSO) and are well-versed in operating advanced Q-switched laser systems.

From completely removing a tattoo, selectively removing a part of a tattoo, and fading an old tattoo in preparation for a cover-up tattoo, Dr. Fowler and the Pensacola Laser Tattoo Removal team can help give you the results that you want! No matter your motivation for seeking laser tattoo removal, we have the technology and skills to help you.

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