The Astanza Trinity

Laser Tattoo Removal Overview

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Full-Spectrum Laser Tattoo Removal

Pensacola Laser Tattoo Removal, Astanza Trinity laserPensacola Laser Tattoo Removal believes in using the best technology to give patients superior results. After much research, Dr. Fowler invested in the Astanza Trinity for its full-spectrum wavelengths, unrivaled power, and reliability. The Astanza Trinity combines the power of two standalone systems, a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser and a Q-switched Ruby laser. Together, these systems create the Astanza Trinity – a gold standard system unrivaled in the laser tattoo removal industry.

Today, most laser tattoo removal systems, including our Trinity, support the wavelengths 1064 nm and 532 nm. These wavelengths are considered industry essentials and are two of the most popular wavelengths used for removing unwanted ink. While the 1064 nm and 532 nm wavelengths can treat a wide variety of tattoo colors, there is a small group of pigments that are considered untreatable by these wavelengths: bright blues and greens.

Bright blue and green inks like turquoise, teal, lime green, and more, require an additional solution to be completely removed. That solution is the Trinity’s 694 nm ruby wavelength. This ruby wavelength precisely targets vivid blue and green pigments that other systems cannot. Best of all, our Trinity uses full-powered wavelengths. Don’t fall for competitor systems that use dye handpieces to produce additional wavelengths. Dye handpieces essentially cut their power in half, whereas the Trinity uses full-power across all three of its wavelengths to full remove multicolored tattoos that other systems cannot.

Fast, Powerful Results

Pensacola laser tattoo removal, dark skin type treatmentIn addition to providing full-spectrum removal, the Astanza Trinity is widely recognized for its impressive peak power and ultra-short pulse durations. The higher the pulse energy and the faster the pulse durations a laser has, the more peak power it produces. Peak power is what enables a laser to shatter large ink particles into smaller fragments so your body is able to carry out its natural fading process. The Trinity uses the most total peak power on the market, delivering better ink shattering with each treatment for faster ink clearance and fewer treatments.

Furthermore, our Trinity laser can safely treat every patient skin tone and has special features that encourage safer treatment on darker skin types. Dr. Fowler and his team of expertly trained laser technicians use customized protocols for your unique skin type and tattoo colors to ensure your skin receives the best care.

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